SAGES 2008

Surgical Spring Week
April 9-12, 2008
Pennsylvania Convention Center
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Hybrid-Notes for Gastric Gist

Masanobu Hagiike, MD PhD, Hironori Mori, MD, Norikatsu Maeda, MD, Hironobu Suto, MD, Minoru Oshima, MD, Naoki Yamamoto, MD, Hirotaka Kashiwagi, MD, Shintaro Akamoto, MD, Keitaro Kakinoki, MD, Masao Fujiwara, MD, Takehiro Takama, MD, Keiichi Okano, . Dept of Gastroenterological Surgery and Endoscopy Center, Kagawa Univ., Japan (Introduction) Basic surgical treatment for GIST is complete… Continue Reading

Single surgeon surgery: 3 trocar technique for colon resection

Introduction: Laparoscopic colon resection has been demonstrated to be safe and feasible. Despite proven patient benefits, adoption of the technique has been slow. A significant hurdle for adoption has been the technical challenge and need for 1 or 2 (highly) skilled assistants. We present our experience with a single surgeon, 3 trocar technique for colon… Continue Reading

Proficiency-Based Training for Robotic Surgery: Construct Validity and Workload for Nine Inanimate Exercises

Genevieve Dulan, MD, Robert V Rege, MD, Deborah C Hogg, BS, Kristine K Gilberg-Fisher, RN BSN, Nabeel A Arain, MD MBA, Seifu T Tesfay, RN MS, Daniel J Scott, MD. University of Texas, Southwestern Introduction: We previously developed 9 inanimate training exercises as part of a comprehensive, proficiency-based robotic training curriculum that addressed 23 unique… Continue Reading

View all SAGES 2008 Abstracts and Posters

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