Treatment of Femoral Hernias By a Single Surgeon: A Systematic Approach

Introduction: The high rate of coincident or missed femoral hernias while or after mesh herniorrhaphy suggest is systematic search. We present our findings and results using the laparoscopic preperitoneal approach (TEP).

Methods: Between April 2001 and February 2007, patients undergoing inguinal hernia repair were entered into a prospective database. The nature of their hernias in regards to detection of inguinal and/or femoral hernias, the type of repair, and postoperative complications were noted.

Results: 1025 hernias were repaired in 764 patients. 74 femoral hernias were discovered and repaired in 70 pts (9.2%). Femoral hernias were found unilaterally on the right in 35 patients, on the left in 31 patients and bilaterally in 4 patients. As expected, women were more likely to have a femoral hernia (50 patients, 25% of 203 females total) than men (20 patients, 4% of 562 men total, p

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