Transanal Minimally Invasive Surgery (tamis): First Cancer Resection With Two Year Follow-up Endoscopy

Sam Atallah, MD FACS FASCRS, Matthew Albert, MD FACS FASCRS, Teresa Debeche-adams, MD, Seema Izfar, MD, Sergio Larach, MD FACS FASCRS. Florida Hospital


 TransAnal Minimally Invasive Surgery (TAMIS) is a new technique for performing local excision of well-selected rectal neoplasms. It utilizes a single-incision laparoscopic port as access into the rectal vault. Ordinary laparoscopic instruments are used to perform the excision. TAMIS provides a quality of surgical resection similar to TEM. The cost, however, is significantly lower than TEM, and the learning curve is not as steep.

This video is from 2009, when TAMIS was used for the first time to perform local excision of a stage I, uT1 1cm rectal cancer. Patient position, the operative approach, and equipment necessary are shown and the method of local excision and closure of the rectal wall defect are demonstrated. Surveillance colonoscopy is performed at two year follow-up. Excellent healing after TAMIS local excision is observed.

Session Number: VidTV2 – Video Channel Rotation Day 2
Program Number: V111

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