Transanal Hartmann Reversal

Borja de Lacy, MD, Raquel Bravo, Marta Jimenez, Maria Fernandez, Luis Flores, Silvia Quaresima, Am Lacy. Hospital Clinic Barcelona

We show our experience using a combined laparoscopic and transanal approach to re-establish the intestinal continuity in an attempt to improve the surgical technique in patients with Hartmann procedure.

We present a 72 year old women with past medical history of a Hartmann procedure due to diverticulitis Hinchey IV. Six months after that, she was proposed to restoration of bowel continuity. Two teams worked simultaneously with single port devices, abdominally through the colostomy wound and transanally through the anal canal. After extracting the previous stapler line through the anus, an end-to-end anastomosis was performed.

Surgical technique was effective with no postoperative complications. Patient was discharged 4 days after surgery.

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