Total Laparoscopic Choledochal Cyst Excision with Roux-En-Y Hepaticojejunostomy. Safe and Feasible Techniques and Tips in Pediatric Age group.

Sendhil Kumar, PhD, Latif Bagwan, Dr, Piyush Patwa, Dr, Deepu Thyagraj, Dr. Gateway Clinics. Coimabtore. India.

 Choledochal cyst excision and biliary enteric reconstruction constitute the best therapy for choledochal cyst. With increased familiarity with the laparoscopic anatomy of the biliary tract and advances in minimally invasive techniques, surgeons have ventured further to operate on technically difficult cases such as choledochal cyst that were until recently managed by laparotomy. Our preliminary result shows that laparoscopic excision of choledochal cyst and Roux-en-y hepaticojejunostomy in children is both feasible and safe. It curtails further complication of the cysts and reverses the derangement of liver function. In addition, the laparoscopic apparoch minimizes surgical trauma. Considering that choledochal cyst is common among young women, who are especially interested in cosmetic results in addition to complete resolution of medical problems, the laparoscopic managment of cholodechal cyst may be an attractive treatment option. We demonstrate here our experience with laparoscopic procedure for choledochal cyst with safe techniques and tips.

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