The new space creator for hepatectomy

Chung-Wei Lin, MD

Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center

Background: Full mobilization of the right liver is crucial for resection of tumors located in right posterior segments and segment VIII. Surgeons usually put their left hand into the space between right diaphragm and liver to tilt and rotate liver toward left for full exposure of right liver. Gauzes was also usually used to occupy the space to tilt right liver. During laparoscopic assisted hepatectomy, only a 8cm incision was made at subcostal area. It is difficult for surgeons to put their hand or gauzes into the space to tilt and rotate right liver.

Objective of the device:To create the space between right lobe liver and diaphragm, tilting liver toward left for full exposure of right liver during hepatectomy especially for tumors located in segment VI, VII and VIII

1. An empty soft IV bag connected to IV tube with IV catheter, the other end of tube connected to syringe with a 3-way connector.

2. The empty IV bag can be easily placed into the space between right diaphragm and liver even through a smaller incision.

3. Pumping up the IV bag with air by syringe, surgeons can easily create the spce between diaphragm and liver, to tilt and rotate the liver toward left and full expose right liver. By adjusting the volume of air inflated into IV bag, surgeons can easily adjust the location fo right liver

Conclusion: This space creator is cheap and easy to use, especially for laparoscopic assisted hepatectomy.

Session: Poster Presentation

Program Number: ETP050

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