Study Of Bladder Carcinoma Grade At First Presentation In Tertiary Hospital

Muhammad Nadeem, Observer, Nauman Ahmed, PGR, Abdul Basit Niazi, PGR. Mayo Hospital


Bladder cancer is one of the most common diseases treated by the urologists. Bladder cancer is the second most common cancer of the genitourinary tract and the second most common cause of death among genitourinary tumours after prostate cancer. The stage of urinary bladder cancer is an important factor in determining prognosis of the disease.


In this cross sectional study,sixty patients of urinary bladder carcinoma were selected from outdoor department of Urology, Unit II, Mayo Hospital Lahore. All bladder cancer cases were recorded and evaluated. Available investigations and operation notes were studied to evaluate the diagnosed cases for stage and grade of bladder cancer over a period of one year.


The mean age of the patients was 57.1±12.4 years. There were 53 (88.3%) male and 7 (11.7%) female patients. In the distribution of patients by cystoscopy finding, there were 26 (43.3%) patients who had bladder growth on left side, 23 (38.3%) patients had bladder growths on right side, 6 (10.0%) patients had bladder growth on large and small, 5 (8.3%) patients had multiple papillary growths. In the bladder growth grading, 11 (18.3%) patients had grade I, 41 (68.3%) patients had grade II and 8 (13.3%) patients had grade III bladder growth.


It is concluded from this study that patients with bladder cancer are diagnosed at a relatively early stage. However, the situation can be improved further by adopting proper screening programs and initiating early management.

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