Single-port gastrostomy tube placement with the TransEnterix SPIDER device

Yaphet Tilahun, MD, Steve Eubanks, MD, J. Pablo Arnoletti, MD, Sebastian G de la Fuente, MD

Florida Hospital Orlando and University of Central Florida

Objective of the device: Recent advances in laparoscopic surgery include single-port access devices that allow accommodating multiple surgical instruments through one access site. The TransEnterix Single-Port Instrument Delivery Extended Research (SPIDER) system may improve single-site surgery by eliminating the need for multiple fascial incisions while replicating the triangulation use in current multiport techniques.

Description of the technology: In this study we describe a single incision gastrostomy tube placement using the TransEnterix SPIDER device in a patient with unresectable completely obstructing esophageal cancer in need for enteral access. Access to the abdominal cavity was achieved through a single 1.7 cm incision in the infraumbilical area through which the device was introduced.

Results: We have demonstrated in this study that single-port laparoscopic enteral access techniques with the TransEnterix SPIDER system result in minimal tissue trauma compared with standard multiport laparoscopic techniques. The use of both flexible arms facilitated retraction of the stomach with placement of the gastrostomy tube under direct visualization.

Conclusions: The TransEnterix SPIDER platform is effective in cases were triangulation is necessary. It is particularly useful in those procedures in which there is no need for specimen extraction and therefore incisions can be maintained small.

Session: Poster Presentation

Program Number: ETP011

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