Single Port Cholecystectomy with the Transenterix System: Simple and Safe

Introduction: Single port or single incision cholecystectomy with current devices is limited by in-line visualization and instrumentation. A single port access system with articulating arms and strong instrumentation should minimize these issues. The TransEnterix system may facilitate safe and straightforward single port surgery.

Methods: The TransEnterix single port surgery system was used to complete laparoscopic cholecystectomy in 5 swine under animal use committee approval. Procedures were completed in sterile conditions and all animals were survived for one week postoperatively. Standard surgical clips were used for both cystic duct and artery ligation. At sacrifice, both gross and microscopic histology were obtained for assessment of surgical complications.

Results: All 5 procedures were completed successfully with the system. Operative time averaged 39.4 minutes for the procedures (18 to 66 minutes). At sacrifice, no complications were identified.

Conclusion: The TransEnterix system is safe and straightforward for completing single port cholecystectomy. Human trials should be performed.

Session: Podium Presentation

Program Number: S063

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