Single Docking Robotic-Assisted Retro-Rectus Ventral Incisional Hernia Repair with Mesh

Esther Wu, MD, Renzo Garberoglio, MD, Stephanie Keeth, MSN, Carlos Garberoglio, MD, FACS, Keith Scharf, DO, FACS, Marcos Michelotti, MD. Loma Linda University Health

Robotic-assistance in repair of ventral incisional hernias has been described via a retro-rectus approach. In all reported studies, the surgery requires bilateral docking techniques in order to accomplish the repair. In our video, we would like to demonstrate a successful single docking method for a robotic-assisted Rives-Stoppa ventral incisional hernia repair with mesh. This method allows maximal visualization while diminishing the number of incisions required for bilateral abdominal access and the complications associated with them. It also decreased the amount of time required for repositioning of the robot platform and limit potential in-field contaminations. Patient satisfaction was high with complete resolution of presenting symptoms. 

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