Simultaneous Endoscopic Esophageal Stricture Treatment With Stenting and Fundoplication for Complex Peptic Ulcer Disease

Ryan C Broderick, MD1, Cristina R Harnsberger, MD1, Alisa Coker, MD1, Hans F Fuchs, MD1, Catherine Beck, MD1, Martin A Berducci, MD2, Garth R Jacobsen, MD1, Santiago Horgan, MD1, Bryan J Sandler, MD1. 1University of California San Diego, Department of Surgery, Division of Minimally Invasive Surgery, 2Hospital Italiano de Mendoza, Argentina

The video presented is shows a novel treatment for a case of severe peptic ulcer disease and gastric reflux that resulted in dysphagia due to an esophageal stricture 2cm proximal to the gastroesophageal junction. The esophageal stricture was resected endoscopically for treatment of dysphagia. A covered stent was placed in the esophagus to prevent stricture reformation during the healing phase. Within the same operation, a Nissen fundoplication was performed to limit further reflux and recurrence of the esophageal web. In conclusion, we present an example of minimally invasive treatment of complex peptic ulcer disease using multiple modalities.

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