Morgagni Larrey diaphragmatic hernia, emergency laparoscopic approach for obstruction

Santiago Valderrabano, MD, AEC, FACS, Maria Heras Garceau, MD, AEC, Lidia Cristobal, MD, AEC, Daniel Pastor, MD, AEC, Jose Torres, MD, Miguel A Granado, MD, AEC, Juan Antonio Gonzalez, MD, AEC, PHD. Universitary Hosp La Paz

Case 92 yo female, antiaggregated  history of coughing, regurgitation and repetitive pneumonia. Emergency room with a 3day history of abdominal pain and vomiting. Abdomen distended and tympanic. Abdominal radiography  small bowel obstruction. Chest radiography revealed air-fluid levels on the right side of the chest. CT-scan demonstrated a right anterior diaphragmatic hernia, with large bowel in the thorax and evidence of proximal bowel obstruction.

Incarcerated strangulated diaphragmatic hernia diagnosis. laparoscopic surgery indicated. We identified rare case of bilateral diaphragmatic hernia, Morgagni-Larrey hernia.

We reduced hernial sac. We revised diaphagmatic congenital hernias description and management.

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