Minimally Invasive Repair of a Delayed Stricture and Salvage of a Reversed Gastric Tube

John J Tiedeken, MD, Lance Uradomo, MD, Fred Brody, MD MBA. The George Washington University Medical Center


Ingestion of caustic agents may result in severe scarring and stricture formation of the esophagus. Unfortunately, these injuries occur in pediatric patients. A reversed gastric tube esophagoplasty is an option for definitive surgical management of severe esophageal strictures refractory to medical treatment. However, delayed complications from this procedure have been reported. This video presents a patient who underwent a reversed gatric tube 20 years previously following a lye ingestion. Over the course of two decades she developed progressive reflux and a stricture. The video documents a minimally invasive approach to excise the stricture and salvage the original esophageal conduit.

Session Number: SS21 – Videos: Solid Organ & Foregut
Program Number: V042

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