Minimal Hospital Stay and Morbidity in the Laparoscopic Treatment of Distal Pancreatic Lesions

Background: There is an increasing trend towards treating distal pancreatic lesions with minimally invasive surgical techniques in order to facilitate both a quicker recovery and fewer complications. Most studies to date have shown a median hospital stay of four to five days. Our data reveal that distal pancreatic cystic and solid tumors can be removed safely and effectively via laparoscopic techniques with a median hospital stay of two days postoperatively and a complication rate of 11%. Methods: During a time period of twenty-two months, ten patients underwent attempted laparoscopic resection for lesions noted by CT/MRI to be within the body/tail of pancreas. There were three solid masses and seven cystic lesions. Preoperative endoscopic ultrasound and fine needle aspirate with CEA fluid levels were performed on the cystic lesions. Results: One patient had conversion to an open procedure due to the extent of disease. Splenectomy was performed in seven patients. Intentional splenectomy was performed in four of the laparoscopic patients. Therefore, our unintended splenectomy rate for laparoscopic patients was 33%. Estimated blood loss for all but two of the laparoscopic cases was

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