Laparoscopic Vs. Open Colectomy for Sigmoid Diverticular Disease. 8 Years of Minimally Invasive Surgery At the Community Teaching Hospital.

Introduction: Surgery for diverticulitis can be a challenge due to significant inflammatory process in the surrounding area. Laparoscopic management of sigmoid diverticular disease has emerged as an important adjunct to the armamentarium of surgical options for this disease process. We compared laparoscopic colorectal resections to open surgery for left sided diverticular disease in a community teaching hospital.

Materials and Methods: After IRB approval, between July 1999 and january 2008, from 1165 open colorectal resections and 588 laparoscopic resections. 89 cases of laparoscopic colon resections and 76 cases of open for diverticulitis were reviewed and compared. This study represents a retrospective data analysis of patients charts and medical records database, together with ongoing prospective review of eligible cases.

Main outcome measures: Intra-operative complications, operative times, postoperative complications, conversion rates, length of hospital stay, mortality.

Results: Mean age was 54 years of age (range 20-60) for (Group 1) laparoscopic colectomies and (Group 2) 63 (range 32-85) in open colectomies. 41 females in Group 1 and 45 females in Group 2. ASA score was 2.2 and 2 respectively. Postoperative length of stay, were significantly less in laparoscopic sigmoid colectomy patients when compared to the open group. 5.3+4.6 (range 3-45days) and 10.1+8.1 (range 3-71days) p

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