Laparoscopic Single Incision Right Hemicolectomy

R Parthasarathi, MD, P Praveen Raj, MD, P Senthilnathan, MD, FACS, S Rajapandian, MD, N Anand Vijay, MD, C Palanivelu, MD, FACS

GEM Hospital Hospital & Research Centre

Laparoscopy is gaining acceptance as evidenced by increasing number of reported literature. Single incision right hemicolectomy is indicated mainly in benign and malignant diseases of cecum, ascending colon. we present a video of Laparoscopic single incision right hemicolectomy done at our institution.

Materials and methods:
The video shows the various steps of the surgery, technical issues and safety precautions.

Conclusion :
Laparoscopic single incision right hemicolectomy is feasible & safe procedure in the hands of experienced laparoscopic surgeon. It is especially attractive to young patients because of cosmesis, less post op pain & earlier return to recovery.

Session: Podium Presentation

Program Number: V025

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