Laparoscopic Retro-Gastric Retro-colic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Does not Cause Increased Incidence of Internal Hernias and Obstructions.

Background: Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass (LGB) is reportedly associated with increased risk of intestinal obstruction due to internal hernia. Some authors argue that retrogastric retrocolic approach has a major disadvantage in this respect.

Study Design: From 2001-2007, a total of 1364 patients underwent LGB, with conversion rate of 0.66%. Ninety day follow-up was 100% and long-term follow-up data (6 months- 6 Years) was available in 75% of patients. All potential sites of internal hernia i.e. between mesenteries of jejunum and jejunum, Roux limb and Mesocolon and Peterson’s space were closed with running non absorbable sutures.
Results: Average preoperative BMI was 50.48 +/- 8.15 (SD), weight 148 +/- 25.3 kg (SD), age – 43.64 +/- 10.3 yrs (SD) and M:F ratio of 19/81%.Postoperative mortality was 0.29%. Overall frequency of intestinal obstruction after LGB was 1.4% (19 cases). Early obstructions (

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