Laparoscopic Removal of Infected Hernia Mesh With Bowel Repair

Nicholas Gaudet, John Hagen, Laz Klein. University of Toronto


THERE are over 90,000 laparoscopic ventral hernia repairs done in United States every year. The reported incidence of mesh infection ranges from 0.5% to 10%. The usual management after failed conservative treatment is laparotomy and removal of mesh. This typically involves a large laparotomy incision associated with wound complications and subsequent recurrent herniation of the abdominal wall. To date, there are no published case reports describing laparoscopic management of infected ventral hernia mesh. The video demonstrates two cases of infected mesh with bowel related complications that were managed laparoscopically. In selected cases we advocate this laparoscopic technique as the best solution with the chief advantages of fewer wound related complications, shorter hospital stay, and less postoperative pain. Our video demonstrates the technique of managing bowel related complications involving infected mesh.

Session Number: VidTV2 – Video Channel Rotation Day 2
Program Number: V104

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