Laparoscopic Partial Splenectomy for Splenic Cyst

Nathan G Richards, MD, Frederick J Brody, MD, MBA

George Washington University Medical Center

Symptomatic splenic cysts, particularly those refractory to drainage, have traditionally been surgically managed via splenectomy.

An otherwise healthy 31yo woman presented with a known history of benign splenic cyst of unknown etiology since 2007. In the 4 years since diagnosis, the cyst had nearly doubled in size (to 11 cm) and the patient developed worsening symptoms of early satiety and LUQ pain. Radiologic drainage and phenol injection were unsuccessful and the patient was taken to the operating room for definitive management. This video shows the technique behind a partial splenectomy.

Partial splenectomy can be safely and effectively performed. In cases of benign splenic cysts, the cysts can be safely drained intraoperatively to facilitate complete cystic resection. Careful consideration must be made to avoid draining cysts that have a possibility of malignancy or Echinococcus or other infectious etiology.

Session: Video ChannelDay 3

Program Number: V116

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