Laparoscopic esophagojejunostomy with Roux-En-Y reconstruction for chronic fistula following sleeve gastrectomy

Fredrick Che, MD, Christopher S Armstrong, MD, FRCSC, Ninh T Nguyen, MD, FACS

University of California Irvine Medical Center

We present a case of a 38 year old female with a history of a sleeve gastrectomy for weight loss 10/14/10; which was complicated by a sleeve leak postoperatively. She was transferred to UCI Medical Center under our care where she required stent placements, and subsequently developed obstruction at the site of the stent, requiring laparoscopic stent removal. She had a persistent gastric leak and chronic left upper quadrant abscess over a period of 16 months. She underwent further endoscopic attempts to control the fistula including, clipping and endoscopic injection of tissue adhesive material. These efforts failed and she was subsequently taken to the operating room on 9/21/12 where she underwent laparscopic extensive lysis of adhesions, completion gastrectomy, and Roux-en-Y reconstruction with a handsewn esophagojejunostomy.

Session: Podium Presentation

Program Number: V029

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