Laparoscopic Assisted Robotic Esophagectomy

Sheetal Nijhawan, MD, Alisa M Coker, MD, Michael Bouvet, MD, Nikolai Bildzukewicz, MD, Marcos Michelotti, MD, Takayuki Dotai, MD, Geylor Acosta, MD, Luciano Antozzi, MD, Juan S Barajas-gamboa, MD, Bryan Sandler, MD, Garth R Jacobsen, MD, Mark A Talamini, MD, Santiago Horgan, MD. Center for the Future of Surgery, Department of Surgery, University of California San Diego


We demonstate the technique of laparoscopic assisted robotic esophagectomy, a safe and effective operation in a selected population.  The robot enables the surgeon to enter and operate safely in the relatively tight mediastinal space.   

Session Number: SS24 – Videos: Robotics
Program Number: V056

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