Gilding the Golden Hour: Using M&m Conference Data to Refine Resident Education and Patient Safety

Morbidity and mortality conference has a long tradition within surgical residency. By focusing on individual recent cases, there is the potential for repetition or omission, and resident education may not be optimized. Formal analysis of the discussion, and critical metrics about the conference itself have been largely lacking.

A de-identified record was made of all morbidity and mortality conference presentations at a university medical center for a two year period. Complications were stratified by the Clavien classification.

395 cases were presented during the index period, with a mean presentation time of 12 minutes. Discussion in 65% of cases focused on technique. 35% of complications were Clavien grade IIIb, and over 70% of presentations described more than one specific complication.

Collecting and analyzing data from the morbidity and mortality conference permits more robust direction of the conference itself. Simple tabulation and use of existing classification systems can enrich the educational experience and highlight recurrent themes concerning safety, without limiting the nature of the discussion or jeopardizing the spirit of our most golden educational hour.

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