Gender-specific Outcomes After Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding

Vadim Avulov, DO, David Brams, MD, FACS, Pamela J O’Brien, RN, MSN, NPC, Sara Tortorici, RN, MSN, NPC, Dmitry Nepomnayshy, MD, FACS. Lahey Clinic.

The objective of the study is to evaluate weather men loose more weight than women after a laparoscopic gastric banding procedure, as well as compare the rate of complications between the two genders.

Analysis consisted of a single institution, retrospective cohort study of 553 patients who underwent laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding between 2006 and 2010. Follow-up beyond 2 years was available for 268 patients. Weight loss measure by the difference at the 2-3 year mark was compared against the initial consult weight. We defined successful weight loss at 2-3 year mark if a patient lost > 30% of their excess body weight.

Of the 268 patients, 211 (79%) were female and 57 (21%) male. The average initial weight at the time of presentation to the surgical weight loss center was 121 kg. At the 2-3 year mark, the average weight loss for males was 27.4 kg and for females 13.1 kg. Successful weight loss was accomplished in 61% of females and in 65% of males (p=0.602). During follow-up, there were a total of 9 band-related complications (3.4%), 7 in females (3.3%) and 2 in males (3.5%) (p=1.056). Table 1 compares the types of complications to the percent excess weight loss (%EWL) in each gender group.

Table 1

GenderBand Complication%ESL
MPain at port site-3.43
MPain at port site29.35
FBand slippage80.52
FBand slippage54.74
FEsophageal food impaction49.6
FTubing disconnection40.22
FPort leakage47.00
FPort malfunction83.97

There is no statistically significant difference in the proportion of weight loss in males versus females after laparoscopic gastric band at 2-3 years. There was also no statistical variation in the rate of band-related complications in both genders. However, the complications in females were in the patients who were successful in loosing > 30% their excess weight, where the opposite held true for males.

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