Gastric fithobezoar resolved by SILS

Adrian M Maghiar, MD, PhD, George E Dejeu, MD, Alin Suta, MD

Spitalul Pelican Oradea, Romania

We present the case of a 52 year old woman that presented in our hospital with acute pain in the epigastric area for the past 2 months, nausea, vomiting. After the consultation in the gastroenterology office it was decided to perform upper endoscopy. At the endoscopy a 7cm/4cm fitobezoar was found in the stomach, the endoscopic extraction was tried but failed due to the size of the stone.
We then decided to remove the stone through surgery. Through an umbilical incision we introduced 3 trocars, one for the optics and 2 for the instruments. We practiced a mini gastrotomy and with the help of upper endoscopy we managed to extract the stone from the stomach. We placed the stone in an endobag and continued to perform the gastroraphy in single layer separate sutures. After morselation we extracted the specimen to the exterior. No drain was left in the peritoneum.
We then closed the abdominal wall and sutured the skin.
The patient recovery was with no complications. The night of the surgery we started with per oral liquids and solid diet was instated the 3rd day after surgery. The patient was discharged the 4th day after surgery with no complications at 6 months of follow up.

Session: Poster Presentation

Program Number: P531

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