Factors Associated with Delayed Hospital Discharge After Same-Day Laparoscopic Adjustable Banding Sugery: A Prospective Study

Minyoung Cho, MD, PhD, Bodri Son, MD, Kyoung Nam Eoh, MD, Jeong Eun Kim, MD, Kyu Hee Chae, MD, Ha Jin Kim, MD, Jae Yong So, MD, Sun Ho Lee, MD, Namchul Kim, MD

36.5 Gastric Banding Surgery Center, 365MC Obesity Clinics

INTRODUCTION – Understanding the factors affecting delayed hospital discharge in patient with morbid obesity may improve their postoperative care after laparoscopic adjustable banding surgery (LAGB) for same-day discharge. The aim of this study was to identify the factors affecting delayed hospital discharge after same-day LAGB.

METHOD AND PROCEDURE – Data was collected prospectively including patient demographics, preoperative BMI, obesity-related comorbidities, postoperative additional analgesics and anti-emetics from 2011 to 2012. The discharge time was calculated from extubation of laryngeal tube for anesthesia to leaving a hospital. The discharge was allowed when vital signs were stable, tolerable to pain and ambulation, tolerable to sips of water following patients wanted to be discharged by them.

RESULTS – 333 patients were allocated in this study. Mean weight and Height was 100.2kg and 165.6cm, Mean BMI was 36.4 kg/m2. There was no patient with staying overnight after surgery. The mean time lapse between extubation of laryngeal tube and discharge from hospital was 253 minutes. There was no difference of the discharge time in age, sex, BMI, diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver, abnormal liver enzyme levels, hyperlipidemia, and duration of CO2 gas inflation. The patients with depression were showed significantly delayed discharge (251.7 min. vs. 279.2 min, p<0.05). The patients using postoperative additional IV analgesics (245 min. vs. 294.4 min, p<0.001) and anti-emetics (244.9 min. vs. 299.1 min, P<0.001) had a significant delayed discharge.

CONCLUSIONS – Although the patients with depression, lower pain and nausea threshold can make a delayed discharge, they do not affect the same day discharge from hospital after LAGB.

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Program Number: P470

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