Endoscopy Assisted Laparoscopic Revision of Prior Bariatric Surgery

Laparoscopic revision of a bariatric surgical procedure is a significant challenge for bariatric surgeons. Patients who undergo bariatric surgery will infrequently require a revision either for inadequate weight loss or for complications. Literature review revealed a substantially higher incidence of major postoperative complications as well as a less dramatic weight loss following revisional bariatric procedures compared to the primary operation.
We report our experience with laparoscopic revision of gastric bypass using endoscopy at the time of the revision or conversion.

Methods: Data were retrieved using a retrospective review of all bariatric surgeries done at a single institution by the same surgeon between January 2003 and June 2007. EGD assisted laparoscopic gastric bypass revision was performed on 16 patients during this period secondary to failure of weight loss, weight regain or complication of the previous bariatric procedure.

Results: 6 out of the 16 patients had their initial bariatric procedure done at different institution. Mean age of the patients reviewed was 51±13 years. The average weight prior to the revision was 302±63.30 lbs. The duration of follow up was 13.44±8.54 months with the most recent retrieved weight averaged 250.72±59.75 lbs which is statistically significant (p

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