Endoluminal Closure of Gastrocutaneous Fistula

Esther Wu, MD, Renzo Garberoglio, MD, Stephanie Keeth, MSN, Daniel Srikureja, MD, Carlos Garberoglio, MD, FACS, Marcos Michelotti, MD, Keith Scharf, DO, FACS. Loma Linda University Health

Gastrocutaneous fistulas may persist after removal of a gastrostomy feeding tube. Closure of the tract traditionally consists of open surgical treatment with associated morbidity. More recently, methods such as endoscopic clip placement, biologic fibrin glue, or complex percutaneous endoscopic suturing methods have been developed. In our video, we would like to demonstrate a treatment option that consists of simple endoscopic suture closure of the fistula with added benefits of same day surgery, decreased operative time, no abdominal incision, and minimal morbidity. 

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