Effects of Preventing Oxidative and Nitrooxidative Stress on Healing of Experimental Rat Colon Anastomosis

Introduction;Colon anastomosis is a frequently used technique.Decreasing oxidative substances may prevent surgeon from complications.We investigated the efficacy of N-acetyl cysteine(NAC) as an antioxidant, Ebselen as a peroxide reducer and 1400W as an inducible nitricoxide synthetase(INOS) inhibitor on ischemic and non-ischemic colon anastomosis. Methods and procedures; 90 Sprague-Dawley rats were used. Study design as follows;1)non-ischemic control group,2)ischemic control group,3)non-ischemic NAC group,4)ischemic NAC group,5)non-ischemic ebselen group,6) ischemic ebselen group,7)non-ischemic 1400W group,8)ischemic 1400W group. NAC:150 mg/kg, Ebselen:50 mg/kg, 1400W:10 mg/kg were given intraperitoneally for 4 days after colonic surgery. Postoperative 5th day, relaporotomy were performed, anostomotic bursting strength were measured and hydroxypyroline,malondialdehyde(MDA), superoxidedismutase(SOD),glutathioneperoxidae(GPx) were assayed. Results; Bursting strength and hydroxypyroline levels were increased(p

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