Early Experience of Bariatric Surgery at Dayanand Medical College&hospital,ludhiana(punjab)india.

Ashish Ahuja, MS, Prabhdeep Nain, MS, Satpal Singh Virk, Mch. Dayanand Medical College&hospital,Ludhiana,(Punjab)INDIA


Introduction: Obesity is a rapidly progressing worldwide epidemic which rates among the top 10 causes of illhealth worldwide.In India ,Punjab is the no.1 state as far as obesity is concerned & is rapidly growing .We present our early experience of 80 bariatric surgery in our centre over one & half years.
Methods:The study was conducted on 80bariatric surgery patients(operated),age ranging from 20-64 years,72female(90%),8males(10%).There pre operative co-morbid conditions,early as well as late complications with post operative resolution of co-morbid conditions was reviewed.Three bariatric surgery proceduresLaparoscopic adjustable gastric banding(LAGB),Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy,Roux-en-Y gastric bypass(Rgb)were done.
Results:The overall weight loss in Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy was more than 60%excess body weight,40% in LAGB, & Rgb patient more than 40%.Two(2)patients of sleeve gastrectomy has post operative leak were treated conservatively for 6 to 8 weeks & healed,one(1) patient of LAGB presented with deep vein thrombosis after 2 days,one(1)LAGB patient had severe band port site infection for which port had to be removed.60% (48)patients had resolution of hypertension for which they were taking antihypertensives,30%(24) patients were cured of type2 diabetes mellitus .2 patients were converted to laparotomy ,one had oesophageal injury while clearing the adhesions&other was converted after injury from the nathansons liver retractar at the gall bladder fossa resulting in profuse haemorrhage & liver tear,60%patients had hair loss after 6 months of surgery treated conservatively.
Conclusion:Bariatric surgery should be considered in all patients who have failed medical as well as dietary management to loose weight .In new centres bariatric surgery patient management involves lot of intraoperative&postoperative challenges in terms of surgical technique &Anaesthesia management.The results in terms of weight loss,resolution of co-morbid conditions&patient satisfaction with Laparoscopic Sleeve gastectomy were excellant as compared to other procedures which required aggressive follow up & adjustments.

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