Dollar 5 Laparoscopic Appendectomy

Muhammad f Murad, MBBS MCPS FCPS, Qasim Ali, FCPS, Asif Zafar, FRCS FCPS, Farhat Jehan, MBBS. Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi


Introduction: Laparoscopic Surgery is considered to be associated with high costs in developing countries. Apart from initial equipment cost, there are additional recurring expenses per procedure. Adopting to alternate procedural techniques in laparoscopic surgery using conventional gadgets reduces the procedural cost and can have a positive impact on wide practice of laparoscopy in surgical clinics. An experience of performing laparoscopic appendectomy using just one suture of Polyglactin is desribed.Materials and Methods: All laparoscopic appendectomies performed in holy family hospital from jan 2010 to aug 2011 are included in the study. all the procedures were performed using just one suture of polyglactin. Base of appendix is secured with loop knot of poly glactin and mesoappendix dealth with simple cautry or polyglactin loop tie. appendix was delivered through 10 mm working port without use of endobag. in this technique the reusable instuments were used bringing the per procedure sutgical item cost less than 5 dollars. Results: 506 laparoscopic appendectomies were performed during the period. Mean age of the group was 18.5 years (SD 3.6). Mean post operative stay was 18 hrs (SD 6.4). There was no incidence of significant intraoperative bleed from appedicular artery, secondary bleeding, leak of apendicular stump or wound infection. Conclusion: Use of self made loop knot to secure base of appendix and mesoappendix is safe and brings the cost of appendectomy procedure to less than 5 dollars

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