Assessment of Excess Weight Loss Using Fluoroscopic Gastric Band Fills

Chad J Carlton, MD, Michael seger, MD, Terive Duperier. BMI of Texas

We have recently implemented fluoroscopy as a diagnostic tool to improve patient satisfaction and weight loss success. We studied the utilization of fluoroscopy and measured the excess weight loss (EWL) percent at one year.
We studied 77 patients from January 2009 to September 2010. We calculated the percent EWL for all patients undergoing fluoroscopic fills. We excluded patients in this cohort who did adhere to the strict follow up protocol.
The range of EWL over one year was -14.6% and the highest was 82.3%. The overall total EWL at one year was 39.8%.
The cohort showed a comparative trend toward the accepted EWL at one year. With a larger study population, we hope to show improved reduction in weight regain.

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