Argon Plasma Coagulation: New Endoscopic Technique and Personal Experience on Weight Regain After Gastric Bypass

Giorgio Baretta, PhD, Manoel Galvao Neto, MsC, Josemberg Campos, PhD, Joao Henrique Lima, PhD. Center of Advanced Bariatric Endoscopy – Vita Batel Hospital.

Objective of the Technology: Reduce the dilated gastrojejunal anastomosis in three endoscopic sessions with argon plasma coagulation in patients with weight regain after gastric bypass.

Description of the technology and method: The procedure was performed at three separated sessions of endoscopy by 8 weeks each episode. A flow rate of 2.0 liters per minute and 90W was used. At each endoscopy, the anastomotic diameter was mesured with an articulated device and only patients with 15mm or over were included.

Preliminary Results: Thirty (n=30) patients were included. The percentage average weight regain loss was 89,10%. There was a reduction of 66,89% in anastomotic diameter and all patients at the end of three endoscopic argon sessions showed diameter of 12mm or less.

Conclusions: This method is effective in reducing the weight regained after gastric bypass. It's economic, feasible, with low risks and side effects and can be performed several times.

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