Go Global: PON Grant Review Score Sheet


To be completed by selected application reviewers

Conflict of Interest

The following guidelines have been reviewed and approved by the SAGES Board and SAGES Global Affairs Committee.

It is the personal responsibility of the applicant and the reviewer to identify any possible conflict of interest situation that may impact the review of the application and/or the actual sustainability and/or continuity of a SAGES PON grant awarded site. The SAGES Global Affairs Committee Chair and/or Co-chair may also determine that a situation involves a conflict of interest and require that a potential reviewer or applicant not be involved or be withdrawn from the process.

There are several bases for a conflict of interest:

For the reviewer: Employment, direct financial benefit, personal relationships, professional relationships or other interests. If applicable, any one condition may serve to disqualify a reviewer from participating in the review of an application or proposal. A conflict of interest may be real or apparent.

For the applicant: Direct -personal financial benefit vs. benefit of the general- public. This condition may serve to disqualify an application form or proposal. A conflict of interest may be real or apparent.


For the criteria identified, please outline strengths and weaknesses of the site. Assign each criterion a score between 1 and 5, with 1 being the lowest (unacceptable) and 5 being the highest (outstanding).  The rating scale will NOT be the only determining factor for approving a project but rather serves as a basis for discussion of each potential SAGES PON Project.

Please note for those grants that are declined. General comments made in the rating scale may be included in the response letter.


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