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SAGES launched its member-generated Wiki in 2010 and it quickly grew into a resource accessed by more than 2,500 people/month seeking advanced and accurate definitions of all types of minimally invasive surgery and diseases treated by minimally invasive surgery.

As part of the recent overhaul to SAGES web properties, the SAGES Wiki has been moved to a new home on the SAGES site. In addition to moving more than 75 member-generated articles back to the main SAGES web site, we have also completely changed the way members can interact with the Wiki:

  • It’s easier than ever to become a contributor! Simply log in with your member account and head over the Wiki pages. Use the “Create A New Wiki” button on the right sidebar to add your own article.
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Recommended Wiki: Robotic Surgery

Robotic technology in may have broad-based application to many complex laparoscopic procedures. There are more than 400 robotic systems in the USA and over 30,000 robotic procedures have been performed.  There has also been application to cardiac surgery, for which robotics was originally conceived for, and is particularly adapted to urology.   Types of Surgical Robots supervisory-controlled robotic system in which the robotic intervention is preplanned and programmed, and carries out is movements autonomously. robotic tele-surgical system in which the robot is manipulated by the surgeon in real-time through remote control through any given distance shared control system in which the surgeon directly controls the movements of the robot as the robot enhances the surgeon’s skills through dexterity enhancement (1) Early History In 1985, the PUMA 560 robot was used for a brain biopsy under cat scan guidance.  In 1988, the first robot, PROBOT, was used for prostatic surgery.  AESOP 2000 and ZEUS were introduced… Continue Reading »

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