SAGES Webinar: Preparing for ABSITE (December 2015)


Chair: Michael Awad, MD, PhD
Faculty: Jeffrey Blatnik, MD; Alan Harzman, MD; and William Hawkins, MD

Esophagus, stomach & obesity by Dr. Michael Awad–5:58
General ABD, hernia & spleen by Dr. Jeffrey Blatnik–30:18
CR & anal disease by Dr. Alan Harzman–1:00:43
Small intestine, biliary disease & flex endo by Dr. William Hawkins–1:31:31

Keyword(s): ABD, abscess, ABSITE, ABX, accessory spleen, anal disease, anal sphincter, anastomotic leak, appendicitis, APR, ascites, bariatric surgery, barium enema, BDI, BII, bile gastritis, biliary colic, biliary disease, biliary dyskinesia, bowel obstruction, Calots node, CBDS management, CDH, cecum, chemoradiation, CHF, chlamydia, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, colon cx, colostomy, CR cx, Crohns disease, CUC, CVS, diuresis, diverticulitis, dumping syndrome, dysphagia, ectasia, ERCP, esophagram, esophagus, femoral hernia, flex endo, gangrenous GB, gastroduodenostomy, gastroparesis, GBP, GERD, GI bleeding, GJ, Hartmans procedure, Heinz bodies, hemolytic anemia, hepaticojejunostomy, hernia, Hesselbachs triangle, HIDA scan, Howell-Jolly bodies, ileocecal valve, ileostomy, ileus, inguinal hernia repair, intussusception, IPAA, iron deficiency anemia, IV fluid resuscitation, jaundice, K-ras oncogene, lap appy, laparotomy, lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, LC, Mallory-Weiss tear, malrotation, McVay repair, MSI, Nardi test, Nissen fundoplication, obesity, OC, octreotide, Pappenheimer bodies, parastomal hernia, parenchyma, pediatric, PEG, peritonitis, Pneumovax, PPI, rectovaginal fistula, relaxing incision, RNY, SCC, sepsis, seton, sideroblastic anemia, signet ring, small intestine, somatostatin analogue, spermatic cord, spherocytosis, sphincteroplasty, splenectomy, splenic artery, splenic artery embolization, stoma, stomach, tachycardia, total proctocolectomy, Trendelenberg, UGI, upper endoscopy

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