Role of Diagnostic Laparoscopy in Patients with Unexplained Acute or Chronic Abdominal Pain


SAGES Grand Rounds Volume 1 – Issue 3 Sept. 2005

abdominal pain entities–16 sec
initial approach for acute pain–41 sec
contraindications to laparoscopy–1:43
prerequisites to proceed with laparoscopy–3:26
conduct of surgery for acute pain–4:22
port placement–6:00
pt positioning–8:21
laparoscopy for the management of non-traumatic acute ABD–8:39
inflammatory process–10:09
bowel obstruction–10:58
bedside laparoscopy–11:17
surgical complications–12:48
initial approach for chronic abdominal pain–20:52
pt eval–21:19
consent process–22:00
conduct of surgery–23:25
potential pathology–25:36
utility of laparoscopy for chronic pain–25:57

Keyword(s): 30 degree laparoscope, 3rd trimester, abdominal pain, abdominall distention, adhesiolysis, appendicitis, bedside laparoscopy, bowel obstruction, CD, cholecystitis, dx laparoscopy, H&P, hostile ABD, hypotension, incarcerated hernia, ischemic bowel, lap appy, linea alba, Meckels diverticulitis, minimally invasive, obesity, open Hasson technique, pediatric, perf duodenal ulcer, peritonitis, placebo effect, PMH, pneumoperitoneum, pt selection, upper endoscopy, Veress needle

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