Video Category: SAGES Grand Rounds Vo. 1 Issue 3

Acute Appendicitis: The Case for Laparoscopic Appendectomy and Laparoscopic Appendectomy Technique

SAGES Grand Rounds Volume 1 – Issue 3 Sept. 2005 ideal case–12 sec unclear cases–25 sec Keyword(s): acute appendicitis, CT scan, diagnostic error, elevated WBC, fever, lap appy, leukocytosis, migratory pain, N&V, periumbilical pain, PPV, retrospective, RLQ tenderness, technique, US

Acute Appendicitis: The Case for Open Appendectomy

SAGES Grand Rounds Episode III – Laparoscopic Management of Acute/Chronic Abdominal Pain appendicitis & appendectomy–12 sec open appy–26 sec complications in acute appendicitis–49 sec complications in perf appendicitis–57 sec lap vs open appy–1:21 results–1:49 cost–2:09 is the comparison fair?–2:36 selection bias–2:50 lap appy in children–3:50 complications–4:20 summary–5:36 Keyword(s): abdominal pain, […]

Case Management Session – Issue III

SAGES Grand Rounds Volume 1 – Issue 3 Sept. 2005 citation–1:26 case #1–29:08 case #2–34:53 case #3–39:17 case #4–43:48 case #5–45:18 Keyword(s): abdominal pain, acute ABD, adhesiolysis, adnexa, air embolism, appendiceal cx, appendicitis, athletes, atraumatic graspers, CD, colostomy, conscious sedation, diaphragmatic rupture, dx laparoscopy, edema, enterotomy, exploratory laparoscopy, flex sig, Foramen of Winslow, frozen […]

Laparoscopic Management of Other Acute Abdominal Problems

SAGES Grand Rounds Volume 1 – Issue 3 Sept. 2005 lap approaches–15 sec perf duodenal ulcer–36 sec SBO–3:17 indications for conversion–4:51 large bowel obstruction–5:50 removal of foreign body–6:18 acute diverticulitis–6:46 early post-op laparoscopy–7:42 summary–8:20 Keyword(s): abdominal distention, acute ABD, appendectomy, bowel ischemia, colostomy, diverticulitis, foreign body removal, free air, gangrene, hand-assisted approach, intussusception, […]

Role of Diagnostic Laparoscopy in Patients with Unexplained Acute or Chronic Abdominal Pain

SAGES Grand Rounds Volume 1 – Issue 3 Sept. 2005 abdominal pain entities–16 sec initial approach for acute pain–41 sec contraindications to laparoscopy–1:43 pre-op–2:43 prerequisites to proceed with laparoscopy–3:26 conduct of surgery for acute pain–4:22 port placement–6:00 pt positioning–8:21 laparoscopy for the management of non-traumatic acute ABD–8:39 pathology–9:57 inflammatory process–10:09 perf–10:36 bowel obstruction–10:58 […]

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