Pure Transvaginal Laparoscopic Umbilical Hernia Repair


Presented by Stephanie G Wood, MD, SS25 – Video – NOTES/Flexible Endoscopy: V070

pt hx–37 sec
transvaginal access–1:01
pt position–1:11
procedural video–1:19
Q&A session–5:22

Keyword(s): absorbable fixation tacks, morbidly obese, Parietex mesh, SILS port, transvaginal access, transvaginal lap umbilical hernia repair

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    SAGES Webmaster on Aug 17, 2012
    This talk appeared at the 2012 SAGES Meeting and was selected via a peer review process.
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    Peter Lydon on Aug 24, 2012
    We can do almost anything laparoscopically, but what is the point of this procedure? This could be done under local/mac using mesh very, very easily with a small incision.

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