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Reaching the Unreachable: A Novel Over the Scope Deployment Method for Enteral Stents

Presented by Eric M Pauli, MD, SS25 – Video – NOTES/Flexible Endoscopy: V071 background–32 sec hypothesis–1:35 clinical application–1:50 barium enema–2:20 demonstration video–2:29 clinical course–7:55 Q&A session–8:26 Keyword(s): barium enema, endoclips, enteral stents, OTS, perf, SEMS, SEPS, stent deployment, stent migration, TTS

Pure Transvaginal Laparoscopic Umbilical Hernia Repair

Presented by Stephanie G Wood, MD, SS25 – Video – NOTES/Flexible Endoscopy: V070 pt hx–37 sec transvaginal access–1:01 pt position–1:11 procedural video–1:19 Q&A session–5:22 Keyword(s): absorbable fixation tacks, morbidly obese, Parietex mesh, SILS port, transvaginal access, transvaginal lap umbilical hernia repair

Incisionless Gastric Cancer Resection Using Endoscopic Suturing with Pulley Retraction

Presented by Neil H Bhayani, MD MHS, SS25 – Video – NOTES/Flexible Endoscopy: V069 disclosures–10 sec case hx–19 sec procedural video–40 sec conclusion–4:19 Q&A session–4:50 Keyword(s): EGD, endoscopic suturing, epi, EUS, HGD, incisionless gastric cx resection, indigo carmine, melena, pulley retraction, UGI

Endoscopic-Guided Transgastric Laparoscopic Retrieval of a Duodenal Stent

Presented by Maureen M Tedesco, MD, SS25 – Video – NOTES/Flexible Endoscopy: V068 case hx–28 sec procedural video–42 sec Keyword(s): duodenal stent, gastric outlet obstruction, lap retrieval, pylorus, transgastric, VersaStep

Diagnostic Gastro-Duodenoscopy via a Gastro-Gastric Fistula Prior to Overstitch Closure

Presented by Eric M Pauli, MD, SS25 – Video – NOTES/Flexible Endoscopy: V067 background–39 sec overview–1:13 clinical hx–1:25 dx eval–1:42 CT–1:51 surgical consult–2:04 procedural video–2:19 post-op course–6:55 Keyword(s): Apollo OverStitch, contrast fluoroscopy, double channel gastroscope, ERCP sphincterotome, foreign body removal, G-G fistula, gastric remnant, gastro-duodenoscopy, guidewire, H. pylori, Overstitch, RYGB, Seldinger maneuver, stone retrieval basket, […]

Transvaginal NOTES Cholecystectomy: Key Technical Points

Presented by Lucian Panait, MD, SS25 – Video – NOTES/Flexible Endoscopy: V066 instruments–39 sec procedural video–1:03 Keyword(s): CVS, steep Trendelenburg, transvaginal NOTES CCX

NOTES Total Colectomy in a Human Cadaver

Presented by Kyung Su Han, MD, SS25 – Video – NOTES/Flexible Endoscopy: V065 Keyword(s): flexible tip instruments, mesorectum, NOTES transanal colon resection, TEM

Endoluminal Stomach-Sparing Resection of Gastric Gists

Presented by Kenneth K Lee, MD, SS25 – Video – NOTES/Flexible Endoscopy: V064 GISTs–14 sec case study–1:40 CT–1:51 EUS–1:57 procedural video–2:26 Q&A session–8:10 Keyword(s): EUS, GEJ, GISTs, stomach-sparing resection

Endoscopic Suture Repair Of Full Thickness Esophagotomy During Per Oral Esophageal Myotomy (POEM)

Presented by Ashwin A Kurian, MBBS, SS25 – Video – NOTES/Flexible Endoscopy: V063 case study–1:01 procedural video–1:43 Q&A session–9:20 Keyword(s): achalasia, endoscopic suture repair, esophagogram, esophagotomy, extraction balloon, GEJ, Heller myotomy, mucosotomy, overtube, POEM

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