SAGES 2014 Presidential Address


Presented by Gerald Fried, MD, FACS at the SAGES 2014 Annual Meeting.

The lecture will address the role of specialty societies and the value to those at various stages of their careers

Dr. Gerald Fried is the Edward W. Archibald Professor and Chairman of the Department of Surgery at McGill University, and Surgeon-in-Chief and Director of the Surgical Mission at McGill University Health Centre. Dr. Fried has been a member of SAGES Board of Governors since 2003, and was previously 1st Vice President & Treasurer.
Considered one of the “godfathers” of SAGES Fundamentals programs, he chaired the SAGES FLS Committee and currently chairs the SAGES/ACS FLS Joint Committee. He is a Regent of the American College of Surgeons, and a Past-President of the Canadian Association of General Surgeons, as well as of Central Surgical Association. He served as co-President of the 2010 World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery, and sits on the Board of several surgical societies, including SSAT and ISDS. He is known to his SAGES colleagues as a strong leader, great diplomat, trusted friend, loving family man and SAGES official Sommelier.


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