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Presented by Sharon Bachman: Controversies About Hernia Mesh Panel

course objectives–47 sec
mesh basics–53 sec
LW vs HW mesh–2:58
polyester mesh–3:31
mesh selection–3:43
materials consideration–4:10
mesh migration/shrinkage–5:32
macroporous mesh–5:56
titanium coated mesh–7:07
synthetic absorbable mesh–7:12
factors influencing infection development–8:56
synthetic partially absorbable mesh—9:27
mesh removal–9:44
choosing mesh–10:40
composite mesh–11:07
solid barrier ePTFE–11:27
resorbable barrier–11:50
potential disadvantages–14:34
risk factors for wound complications–14:59

Keyword(s): abdominal wall, absorbable mesh, Bio-A, biologics, C-Qur, component separation, composite mesh, contamination, Dexon, direct hernia, fistula, foreign body reaction, heavy weight mesh, Hydrogel, IH, incisional hernia, indirect hernia, inguinodynia, LW mesh, macroporous mesh, Mersilene mesh, mesh fixation, mesh infection, mesh migration, mesh removal, mesh shrinkage, Monocryl, MotifMesh, Parietex mesh, PDS, Physiomesh, polyester mesh, polyglactin mesh, polypropylene mesh, Proceed, PTFE, re-operation, Sepramesh, suture line buttress, synthetic mesh, TIGR matrix, titanium coated mesh, umbilical hernia, ventral hernia, Vicryl, wound infection, wound necrosis, wound vac

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