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Controversies About Hernia Mesh Panel Keyword(s): Bio-A, biologic mesh, buttress

Mesh Comparisons/Applications Synth

Presented by Sharon Bachman: Controversies About Hernia Mesh Panel course objectives–47 sec mesh basics–53 sec LW vs HW mesh–2:58 polyester mesh–3:31 mesh selection–3:43 materials consideration–4:10 mesh migration/shrinkage–5:32 macroporous mesh–5:56 titanium coated mesh–7:07 synthetic absorbable mesh–7:12 factors influencing infection development–8:56 synthetic partially absorbable mesh—9:27 mesh removal–9:44 choosing mesh–10:40 composite mesh–11:07 solid barrier ePTFE–11:27 resorbable barrier–11:50 Sepramesh–12:14 […]

Fallacy of an Ideal Mesh

Presented by Bruce Ramshaw, MD / Controversies About Hernia Mesh Panel disclosures–1:19 ideal mesh–1:22 mesh options–1:59 mesh contraction & migration–2:26 complex problems–2:59 complexity of mesh choice–4:23 summary–9:59 Keyword(s): chronic pain, chronic seroma, LW mesh, mechanical failure, mesh complications, mesh contraction, mesh infection, mesh migration, mesh removal, polypropylene, PTFE, recurrent ventral hernia, synthetic mesh

Materials Sciences, Explanted Mesh

Presented by Sheila Grant: Controversies About Mesh Panel Keyword(s): adhesions, biocompatibility, biomaterial, diabetics, explanted mesh, foreign body response, granulomatous lung diseases, hernia repair, inflammation markers, LDL, lightweight polypropylene mesh, mesh complications, mesh shrinkage, obesity, plasma phospholipase A2, PTFE, smoking, synthetic mesh, T2DM

How to Choose a Mesh?

Presented by David Earle, MD / Controversies About Hernia Mesh Panel Keyword(s): cosmesis, hernia defect, hernia repair, incisional hernia, mesh infection, primary hernias, umbilical hernia

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