The Hiatus Won’t Close Now What?


The Hiatus Won’t Close Now What?

Nathaniel Soper, MD

disclosures–38 sec
tips to facilitate primary closure–39 sec
options for hiatal closure–1:49
evidence for mesh closure–2:31
mesh closure complications–3:14
SIS buttressing–3:42
falciform ligament buttressing–4:37
relaxing incision–5:07
radial tension–5:29

Keyword(s): Bio A mesh, biologic mesh, bioprosthetics, dysphagia, esophageal erosion, falciform ligament buttress, hiatus, keyhole, LES, mesh, Nissen fundoplication, PEH, pledgets, pleural effusion, pneumoperitoneum, polypropolene, primary closure, prosthetic closure, radial tension, relaxing incision, SIS buttressing

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