The Future of Surgical Robotics


Presented by Katherine Kuchenbecker, PhD at the SAGES 2013 Annual Meeting; Multidisciplinary Future of Surgery

disclosures–8 sec
essential questions–5:25

Keyword(s): actuator, auditory feedback, bandwidth, bariatric procedures, bedside surgeon, camera, eye hand coordination, feasibility test, fingertips, force feedback, gastric band placement, general surgeon, hand controller, hands-on demonstration, haptic feedback, in vivo, intuitive da Vinci surgical system, joystick, kinesthetic, lap surgery, learning center, learning curve, master console, mechanoreceptors, multidisciplinary, Nature Reviews Neuroscience, needle pass, object manipulation tasks, open surgery, palpation, peg transfer, porcine model, real time, retrospective analysis, roboticist, sensor modules, SG, signal to noise ratio, simulator, skill validation, spatial resolution, stomach, Surgical Endoscopy, surgical instruments, surgical robotics, surgical technology, suture needle, suturing task, tactile feedback, tactile signals, technical skills, tool contact vibrations, tool vibration sensor, TORS, touch feedback, translational research, tumor resections, urethra transection, urologic surgery, VerroTouch, vibrations

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