Stomach, Abnormal Post Surgical Anatomy, Uncovered Endoscopic Stent Occluded with Granulation Tissue


This video demonstrates an uncovered endoscopic stent positioned in the distal stomach. A PEG button can also be seen just as the gastroscope enters the area of the stent. The endoscopist carefully navigates through an area where granulation tissue has partially occluded the uncovered endoscopic stent. Traversing this area is made difficult due to the granulation tissue growth limiting the endoscopic view. Once this area is traversed, the stent diameter expands and the duodenal view is seen.

Video donated to the SAGES Video Atlas of Endoscopy by Eric M Pauli, MD, Jeff Marks, MD

Keyword(s): duodenal view, endoscopic view, endoscopist, gastroscope, granulation tissue, PEG button, post surgical anatomy, stomach, uncovered endoscopic stent occlusion

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