Stomach, Abnormal Post Surgical Anatomy, Acute Gastric Ulcer from Pod 2 PEG Removal


This video demonstrates a PEG site as well as an area of ulceration near the previous PEG site. There is no suggestion of ongoing acitve bleeding. No bloody fluid or clot is seen in the areas inspected. A cherry red spot, however, can be appreciated at the area of ulceration examined, suggesting that this is the likely source of recent upper gastrointestinal bleeding. This cherry red spot is also indictative of increased risk of rebleeding and that endoscopic therapy should be considered.

Video donated to the SAGES Video Atlas of Endoscopy by Eric M Pauli, MD

Keyword(s): acute gastric ulcer, endoscopic therapy, PEG removal, post surgical anatomy, rebleeding, stomach, ulceration, upper GI bleeding

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