Short-Term Results Of Randomized Study Between Laparoscopic And Open Surgery In Elderly Colorectal C


S073 – Shoichi Fujii, Phd, MD, Atsushi Ishibe, PhD, MD, Mitsuyoshi Ota, Phd, MD, Shigeru Yamagishi, PhD, MD, Kazuteru Watanabe, PhD, MD, Jun Watanabe, PhD, MD, Amane Kanazawa, MD, Yasushi Ichikawa, PhD, MD, Mari Saito, PhD, Satoshi Morita, Ph, D, Chikara

background–22 sec
purpose–34 sec
methods–44 sec
analyzing parameters–2:09
pt characteristics–2:56
conversion to open–3:14
short outcomes

Keyword(s): adenocarcinoma, colectomy, conversion rates, CRC, CTCAE, EldLap study, GA, JSES, rectosigmoid, skill test, XRT

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