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The Use Of Nasogastric Tube Decompression In The Era Of Minimally Invasive Surgery

S076 – Noam Shussman, MD, Maria Brown, Michael C Johnson, Giovanna da Silva, MD, Steven D Wexner, MD, Eric G Weiss, MD background–10 sec study aim–44 sec definitions–59 sec methods–1:26 limitations–4:34 conclusion–4:51 Q&A session–5:23 Keyword(s): BM, bowel function, bowel resections, colectomy, flatus, gum, HALS, ileus, laparoscopy, MIS, NGT, solid diet

Laparoscopic Complete Mesocolic Excision (Cme) For Colon Cancer: Study Design And Preliminary Outcom

S075 – Bo Feng, MD, Aiguo Lu, MD, Mingliang Wang, MD, Junjun Ma, MD, Minhua Zheng, MD citation–26 sec CME with medial access–2:08 procedural video–4:15 technical tips–4:33 results–5:52 conclusion–6:56 Q&A session–7:15 Keyword(s): central vessel ligation, CMA, CME, colon cx, control arm, CR Disease, embryonic anatomy, envelope theory, EPS, Henle trunk, HMA, IMS, injury rate, […]

Laparoscopic Total Mesorectal Excision In Post Chemo-Radiotherapy Rectum – Standardised Technique

N Siddiqi, Mr, S Zeidan, Mr, B Barry, Mr, J Khan, Mr, A Parvaiz, Professor pt positioning–40 sec port placement–47 sec Q&A session–8:05 Keyword(s): 10 mm optical port, anastomosis, anterior resection, coloplasty, diverting stoma, endo GIA stapler, enema, extraction site, flex sig, gastrograph, intersphincteric dissection, J pouch, Lloyd Davies position, LN, loop ileostomy, neoadjuvant chemo-radiotherapy, […]

Predicting Who Will Fail Early Discharge After Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery With An Established R

S074 – Deborah S Keller, MD, Blake Bankwitz, MS, Justin K Lawrence, MD, Brad J Champagne, MD, FACS, Harry L Reynolds, Jr., MD, Sharon L Stein, MD, FACS, Conor P Delaney, MD, MCh, PhD background–12 sec purpose–50 sec methodology–1:23 pt demographics–1:57 results–2:36 regression model–4:18 conclusion–4:47 Q&A session–5:30 Keyword(s): anastomotic leaks, bowel obstruction, bowel prep, CCI, […]

Short-Term Results Of Randomized Study Between Laparoscopic And Open Surgery In Elderly Colorectal C

S073 – Shoichi Fujii, Phd, MD, Atsushi Ishibe, PhD, MD, Mitsuyoshi Ota, Phd, MD, Shigeru Yamagishi, PhD, MD, Kazuteru Watanabe, PhD, MD, Jun Watanabe, PhD, MD, Amane Kanazawa, MD, Yasushi Ichikawa, PhD, MD, Mari Saito, PhD, Satoshi Morita, Ph, D, Chikara background–22 sec purpose–34 sec methods–44 sec criteria–1:16 randomization–2:00 analyzing parameters–2:09 results–2:35 pt characteristics–2:56 conversion […]

National Disparities In Laparoscopic Procedures For Colon Cancer

S072 – Monirah Al Nasser, MD, Eric Schneider, PhD, Susan Gearhart, MD, Elizabeth Wick, MD, Sandy Fang, MD, Adil Haider, MD, MPH, Jonathan Efron, MD background–18 sec methods–57 sec pt characteristics–2:05 insurance–2:47 independent predictors–3:25 conclusion–4:36 Q&A session–5:06 Keyword(s): CR procedures, CRC, insurance, NIS, race

Laparoscopic Versus Open Parastomal Hernia Repair: An Acs-Nsqip Analysis Of Short-Term Outcomes

S071 – Wissam J Halabi, MD, Mehraneh D Jafari, MD, Vinh Q Nguyen, PhD, Joseph C Carmichael, MD, FACS, FASCRS, Steven Mills, MD, FACS, FASCRS, Micheal J Stamos, MD, FACS, FASCRS, Alessio Pigazzi, MD, PhD, FACS background–13 sec study aim–1:28 methods–2:06 results–2:20 pt demographics–2:34 limitations–4:58 conclusion–5:41 Q&A session–6:18 Keyword(s): ACS-NSQIP database, contamination, conversion rates, DNIS […]

Minimally Invasive Colectomy For Complicated Diverticular Disease In The Emergency Setting: A Safe C

S070 – François Letarte, MD, Hallet Julie, MD, Roger C Grégoire, MD, FRSCS, Jean-Pierre Gagné, MD, FRSCS, Alexandre Bouchard, MD, FRSCS, Drolet Sébastien, MD, FRSCS, Philippe Bouchard, MD, FRSCS, Claude Thibault, MD, FRSCS background–16 sec objective–51 sec methods–1:01 pt selection–1:24 demographics–1:48 discussion–4:04 conclusion–4:38 Q&A session–5:05 Keyword(s): CDD, conversion rates, CT, diverticulosis, drainage, dx lap, emergency […]

Laparoscopic Versus Open Resection For Colon Cancer Based On 9-Year Data : Results Of Our Hospital S

S069 – Akiyo Matsumoto, MD, Kaida Arita, MD, Tetsuya Tajima, MD, Tomohiro Narita, MD, Masashi Okuda, MD, Hisashi Fujiwara, MD, Masaki Tashiro, MD, Shigeo Haruki, MD, Shinsuke Usui, MD, Kouji Ito, MD, Noriaki Takiguchi, MD, Susumu Hiranuma, MD, Katsuhiro S purpose–25 sec methods–36 sec criteria–54 sec results–3:25 citation–3:35 Keyword(s): adenocarcinoma, Annals of Surgery, […]

Laparoscopic Single Incision Right Hemicolectomy

R Parthasarathi, MD, P Praveen Raj, MD, P Senthilnathan, MD, FACS, S Rajapandian, MD, N Anand Vijay, MD, C Palanivelu, MD, FACS Keyword(s): lap single incision, right hemicolectomy

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