Preliminary Data On Anti-Scarring Agents In The Prevention Of Post Esophageal Endoscopic Submucosal


S106 – Yuhsin V Wu, MD, Eric M Pauli, MD, Steve J Schomisch, PhD, Cassandra N Cipriano, Amitabh Chak, MD, Jeffrey L Ponsky, MD, Jeffrey M Marks, MD

disclosures–30 sec
background–38 sec
EESD limitation–1:02

Keyword(s): ablative technique, adipocyte stem cell therapy, Annals of Surgery, anti-scarring agents, antifibrotic therapy, Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, buccal mucosa injury, buccal mucosa scarring, caustic injury, circumferential defects, dermal wounds, drug eluting stent, EESD, EGJ, EMR, endoscopic assessment, Endoscopy, endpoints, esophageal dilatation, esophageal luminal diameter, esophageal perf, esophageal stenosis, experimental, exploratory study design, Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics of North America, fibrotic diseases, fluoroscopic assessment, General Pharmacology, GI Endoscopy, Halofuginone, Head & Neck, high grade Barretts dysplasia, histopatholgic analysis, inflammation, injection, intra-mucosal esophageal cx, keloids, Laryngoscope, long-term results, lumen, M&M, minimally invasive therapy, MMC, mucosal defects, mucosal layer, pathological eval, pig model, post-traumatic fibrosis, prevention, proliferation, QOL, radiation injury, remodeling, rotator cuff surgery, SAGES grant, scar formation, scarless fetal wound repair, scope, skin wound contraction, superficial adenocarcinoma, superficial esophageal lesions, TGF, tissue specimen, topical, transmural perf, upper airway stenosis, vocal cord injury, wound contracture, wound healing

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