Leaks/Stenosis after RYGBP | Postoperative Challenges


Presented by Bruce D. Schirmer MD | SAGES 2013 Bariatric Postgraduate Course: What Every Safe Surgeon Needs to Know About Bariatric Surgery

disclosures–42 sec
leaks–47 sec
clinical presentation–1:40
highly concerning–2:08
also concerning–2:29
decision tree–2:58
concerning findings–3:14
leak sites–3:51
postop swallow studie

Keyword(s): ABX, ACS BSCN, anastomotic stenosis, CS, CT, drain, dyspnea, EEA stapler, endoscopic balloon dilatation, endoscopic management, endoscopy suite, enteral access, enteroenterostomy, EWL, fascia lata, feeling of doom, fever, fluoroscopy, free fluid, FUE, gastric distention, gastric outlet obstruction, gastroenterostomy, Gastrograffin contrast study, GJ anastomotic stricture, hand-sewn, ischemia, jejunum, leak, left pleural effusion, leukocytosis, LS, LSG, luminal obstruction, LUQ pain, marginal ulcer, mesentery, oliguria, PE, plain films, proximal anastomosis, proximal pouch, radiographic studies, reoperation, RYGBP, standard of care, staple line, stomal stenosis, surgical emergency, swallow study, tachycardia, third spacing, UGI, upper endoscopy

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